The University Ca' Foscari of Venice (UNIVE) has an internationally outstanding reputation of academic excellence in both research and teaching. Founded in 1868 as the first Italian high school devoted to commerce and economics, it has grown and developed new relevant subject areas and nowadays is composed of 8 Departments. The Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics supports research activities on integrated approaches and tools for the assessment and management of impacts and risks posed by environmental stressors on human health and ecosystems, including nanotechnologies. A main field of expertise consists in the development of frameworks and methodologies supporting decision making on different environmental problems (e.g. contaminated sites, sustainable nanotechnologies). UNIVE is the coordinator of the large-scale FP7 project SUN with the task to develop a decision support system for the risk assessment and management of nanomaterials.

UNIVE acts as a caLIBRAte beneficiary. Its contribution is expected mainly in WP4 in regards to developing a decision analytical tool supporting the risk governance of nanotechnologies, but also in WP1 and WP7.