RTI International

RTI International is an independent, non-profit research institute with headquarters in the US and offices in more than 40 different countries around the world. RTI has contractual, legal, and business structures to with a variety of public and private organizations and institutes worldwide on research projects of all sizes. We have expertise in a range of research fields, including but not limited to health and environmental research, laboratory and chemistry services, education and training research, international development, economic and social research, as well as advanced technology research and development.

In calibrate, RTI will contribute to WP1 (Horizon scanning and risk perception), WP3 (Environmental risk assessment models), and WP8 (Risk Governance framework and web-interface). Members of the Risk Assessment research team at RTI will contribute to these WPs, bringing their knowledge and expertise in the fields of risk assessment, risk analysis, risk communication, and risk governance relevant for engineered nanomaterials.