REPORT April 26 2018: Governance of emerging nano-risk in semiconductor industry

Governance of emerging nano-risk in the semi-conductor industry

26 April 2018, Brussels

Hosts: caLIBRAte project, NanoStreeM project and the Royal Belgian Academy for Arts and Sciences, Flanders

Workshop Program

Session 1: Nanomaterials in the semiconductor industry Chair/Moderator: Dimiter Prodanov (IMEC)

Session 2: Challenges of nanosafety: Industry needs and technology advances in risk management  Chair/ Moderator: Fiona Moclair (INTEL)

Panel discussion Pascal Roquet, Keld Alstrup Jensen, Thies Oosterwijk, Alain Pardon 

Session 3: Experiences in risk management from nanomaterials producers and users Chair/Moderator: Keld Alstrup Jensen (NCWRE)

Panel discussion Jacques-Aurélien Sergent (Solvay), Pasqualantonio Pingue (SNS), Gunther Van Kerckhove (Ocsial), Igor Linkov (USAERD)

Closing Panel Georgios Katalagarianakis (EC), Keld Alstrup Jensen (NCWRE), Fiona Moclair (INTEL) and Claire Skentelbery (NIA)