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Posted on: 22 May 2017

If so, please stop by at the caLIBRAte booth and talk with us about the possibilities for you to contribute or collaborate.

We search contributions or collaborations for:

  1. high-quality data on bulk and nanomaterials and (eco-)toxicological studies
  2. high-quality workplace measurements
  3. high-quality environmental release and concentration measurements

The data will be used for predictive risk assessment model development and testing.

See you in Elsinore,

Posted on: 26 Jan 2017
  • Are stakeholders aware of state-of-the-art tools and models for risk governance of nanomaterials and nano-related products?
  • What are the experiences, needs and priorities for decision-making, risk appraisal and risk transfer?
  • Are existing approaches to risk governance practical and effective?
Posted on: 20 Dec 2016

Nanomaterials and nano-related applications have caused public concern and challenged conventional approaches for risk assessment and management.

Posted on: 22 Jul 2016

This may, the caLIBRAte consortium met for in Copenhagen, Denmark to officially kick off the project. Consortium members from across Europe and around the world gathered together to collaborate, strategize and set objectives for the next 42 months in order to make the project a success.