Misvik Biology Oy

The SME Misvik Biology Oy (Misvik) is a private company that provides cell biological research services, cutting-edge research for imaging-based and plate-based high-throughput biology and specialized microscopy image analysis services. The mission of Misvik is to convert cell biological assays into high- throughput or ultra-high-content biology experiments and provide systems level information about cellular processes in health and disease. Misvik aims to serve further development of screening techniques for four dimensional biology three spatial dimensions and time to provide quantitative systems level information about how assemblies of molecules, cells and tissues function in normal and disease states and to use this information to improve biological understanding, toxicity, disease detection, diagnosis and treatment.

In caLIBRAte Misvik ́s main tasks are:
The main task of Misvik is to take part in the identification, development and testing of integrated approaches in high-throughput screening, toxicogenomics and high-content analysis. Misvik partner/personnel have a track record of novel technologies development spanning over a decade, e.g., the cell lysate array technology (a.k.a reverse phase protein array) and the cell spot microarray technology. Various HCA cell based screens are carried out in the company on daily basis.

Misvik ́s role summarized:

  •  Contribution to WP2 (Human risk assessment models) through identification in vivo risk assessment

    models utilizing high throughput and high content screening technologies.

  •  Contribution to WP5 (Data collection for calibration and gap analysis) through incorporation of data

    and ontology frameworks developed within EU nano-projects eNanoMapper and NanoSolutions. When required, data gaps will be filled and new complete data sets will be generated for testing and calibrating in WP7.