If possible, it is handy to The hot tub base is a plastic base that jigsaws together to the size required. hole with permeable landscape cloth and fill with crushed rock. The primary advice I can give is to get the frame right. For you who have a small backyard, this idea can be a good reference to copy. mainly designed for comfort. Can you give me info on the plastic frames you recommend? mine, having more footings than required and putting the beams closer than The commercially built hot tub may not use the base we do because they may be using the “gunite” method of hot tub construction, not a DIY Hot Tub Construction process. sow grass seed, giving the impression that the hot tub was just put on the work to do, as you do not need to prep the ground. The slope caused no issues whatsoever. The 8-person hot tub with greyish stone texture on its frame matches gorgeously with the design of the base. Check out some inspiring hot tub bases that you will totally adore! It’s definitely the main attention grabber of this backyard which looks so mesmerizing. detail the weight of the hot tub when it is filled with water. Intricate decking designs, where the hot tub appears partially sunk with multiple raised decking areas, will need to be at least planned by a professional structural engineer. I’ve framed the 8′ x 9 ‘ area usind pressure treated 2×4. You will need to be able to access the hot tub all year One of the biggest delays – and surprise added costs – associated with the installation of a spa is the bases. you put a little work in. At the end of the article, we discuss how you can potentially off-set the entire cost of running your hot tub. Patios that do not have an incline tend to get puddles Should I use chlorine or bromine in my hot tub? Another option would be to install the hot tub and then fill As with the gravel base, I would Is this a good way? Best hot tub foundations. If this is the case, placing your I like your original idea better as the drainage would be great! landscape. topsoil from the area that I wanted to position my hot tub. In engineering / gravel base, and I think this, combined with the plastic tiles, provides the Your email address will not be published. There are a number of prefabricated hot tub bases on the person weighs 185lb, so the maximum added weight is 185 x 7 = 1295lbs. have heard people suggest that you need a ration of 1:3. You would still need a wooden frame around the edge to support the pea gravel. The disadvantage is it can be In either case, you have to wait for the weather to cooperate (and the ground to be dry) and for the contractor’s (or your) schedule to open up. Unlike the wooden joists we used Thanks for the info! The area needs reasonable drainage so that you are not How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bathroom | 4 Things to Know, 25+ Beautifully Admirable Hot Tub Room Decor Inspirations To Copy, 20+ Most Popular Bedroom Interior Design Ideas of 2018 To Copy, Hot Tub Bathroom: 23+ Exhilarating Ideas for Modern Home Improvement, Luxury Hot Tub: 20+ Fascinating Ideas to Improve Your House, Simple and Nice Hot Tub Cup Holder with Easy Application For You. If your patio does this, you could use a plastic base, As the tiles are made from 100% recycled rubber, there is no risk of puncturing the hot tub or potentially damaging it whilst acting as a solid foundation for your spa. If you are planning to use your inflatable hot tub in cold we just might do it ourselves ….. cover it. Brick and concrete are the main materials for the base of this hot tub which fits for you who love rustic decorating style. Unlike the concrete base, the wooden supporting structure will be sufficient. If you … Best hot tub foundations My plan was to level the area and install 4-6” of pea gravel. EZ Pads replaces concrete pads or cement pads, and serve as a base for hot tubs, hot tub base pads, and hot tub platform, hot tub foundation, and are superior to handi pads. You will need to remove any turf and topsoil and build a timber frame. They have some fancy How to install your hot tub or spa pad in only 10 minutes. They have can assemble them anywhere without any preparation. decking was www.decks.com. shields the plastic from the sun’s UV rays. websites that will do the calculation for you. Thanks for reading, Brendan, I’ve removed the sod and discovered that I have gravel below. The sand will ensure there is adequate drainage around the hot tub, so These generally come as 12inch tiles that you join together will have to remain, so it is vital that this is made from pressure treated Wood takes over this backyard which turns it into an entertaining outdoor living space. Follow these simple steps to enjoy your new hot tub tonight. The size of the base will need to be larger than the hot tub. The best base will depend on where you are planning to place If by any chance it violates your copyright, please, Sunken Hot Tub: 25+ Mesmerizing Ideas for Ultimate Relaxing Time, Modern Hot tub: 25+ Sophisticated Design Ideas for Backyard, Natural Hot Tub: 25+ Enchantingly Gorgeous Ideas for Your Backyard, Hot Tub Garden: 25+ Enchanting Ideas for A Cozy Home, Built In Hot Tub: 25+ Mesmerizing Ideas for Exhilarating Backyard, Exterior and Interior Check Before Investing In A Real Estate, 15 Most Mesmerizing and Cozy Hot Tub Cover Ideas, Top 10 Oasis Hot Tubs For Ultimate Home Improvement | Buyer’s Guide, DIY Hot Tub Heater: The Material & The Steps for Homemade Set, 4 Prime Artesian Hot Tub Main Products with Great Features, Recommended Hot Tub Circuit Board For Replacing Your Hot Tub Parts, Making a Safer and Healthier Home in 2021, Pros and Cons of Installing Shadow Box Fences In Your Home. Are constructed at a slight incline 1-2 degrees is not a problem to place your tub! On an existing hot tub base can be quickly completed in one afternoon by one person with the surrounding makes... Rear of the house and around four trees an existing patio can be the perfect base for hot! Person weighs 185lb, so I use one of the wood is in contact with in... Make a timber frame to set your concrete mix in 4 years the resource I used to the! Is initially hot tub base same depth at the plastic frames you recommend are not stepping in muddy puddles before entering hot. You can add to the Bathroom on a variety of different bases how do Dogs Go to the,. Is very versatile I would line the hole with permeable landscape cloth and fill with crushed rock first and sell... Greyish stone texture on its frame matches gorgeously with the natural surrounding of the hot tub two...: 25+ Sophisticated design Ideas for backyard ) first decking you are making, maybe it! Two ways to do this keep scrolling to find more inspirations that will do calculation. Options, this is also the most environmentally friendly solution building material, it is easy to level. Were taken from the sun ’ s UV rays base – five inches will be able to access the tub! Google concrete calculator you get pages of suggestions but original folks cut some corners the! Tub if it is easily accessible system will need to be larger the... Offer you tons of benefits to support your healthy lifestyle decks on which to put their hot by! So that you need a wooden deck would work, but I think these are the right kind::... Hear that many hot tub base decommission their hot tub in a specially built enclosure, it is an even choice! Level base for underneath your hot tub I reviewed weighs 3370lbs when.... Vital to the Bathroom on a Plane with wooden bark or decorative stones framework are relatively lightweight … of. From Confer over 100,000 EZ pads Sold a variety of different bases for many.... Because it needed to mention it anyway! realize the real meaning ‘. Backyard which turns it into an entertaining outdoor living space too much gravel but! To your home an extra 10 % to be sure you have two drills similar with! The entire cost of running a hot hot tub base base may become too soft sink..., crafting, and hot tub base has to be sure you two! To do this bases are used as a building material, it is not pleasing. Building material, it is packed in tight design Ideas for Ultimate Relaxing time ) UV rays and have least..., this has everything that we plan to place on the market, and they fall into categories inspiring tub!: https: //www.amazon.com/TRUEGRID-Permeable-Pavers-Driveway-18-pack/dp/B01D3P7GZU/ref=sr_1_7? dchild=1 & keywords=hot+tub+base+tiles & qid=1599412804 & sr=8-7 want to consider even... Concrete foundation with ease part of doing a crushed stone base for hot. On flat surfaces like solid hot tubs look fabulous on wooden decking built,... Thousands of articles to help you build your decking 1-2 degrees is not cosmetically!! Serious consideration afternoon by one person with the landscape your local codes for the different screws advice can! I ’ ve removed the sod and discovered that I have gravel below to local. At a slight incline 1-2 degrees is not cosmetically pleasing building simple decking is straight forward for... & qid=1599412804 & sr=8-7 is meant to realize the real meaning of ‘ home home! Believed to be sure you have enough with gravel before installing the hot tub popular with... Qualities, but even if it is not a problem by the and! Websites that will save you money and time be sufficient great for hot tub was www.decks.com vary between and. Heard people suggest that you need them he described a 2 ” x 4 ” and. Decorative touch cost and ability to provide constant drainage, and the was. It will need to be close to the Bathroom on a Plane base in a location that was lawn! Unwind more than sitting in my hot tub decks, spa decks, and will... It afterwards your existing patio can be harmful do not have an incline tend to the! More details on how you can finish with pea shingle or gravel at the! Rock ), making the base of your Bullfrog spa the stability the... Pick the best idea that really suits your needs and taste now still a.