Green Decision

GreenDecisions is a spin-off company of University Ca Foscari of Venice (UNIVE). Its mission is to transfer the knowledge and experience generated at UNIVE for over a decade of research on decision analysis for solution of complex environmental problems to the private sector.

The main activities of the company involve developing and testing of tools to support decision making in the environmental area, including software-based Decision Support Systems (DSS) and supporting their exploitation by private end-users. This involves also the DSS developed by UNIVE in the large-scale EU project SUN.

GreenDecisions offers to private and public clients advanced and highly qualified support in the environmental science and technology sector in order to facilitate complex decision-making processes by providing tailored solutions able to integrate multiple lines of evidence with stakeholder perspectives in order to address its clients objectives in cost-effective manner.

GD acts as a caLIBRAte beneficiary. Its contribution is expected mainly in WPs 4 and 7, where the company will contribute to the development, testing and validation of a decision analytical tool based on the framework for risk governance of nanotechnologies.