Fundacion GAIKER is a Technology Centre committed to providing industrial companies with innovative know-how. Within the Biotechnology area our interest covers in vitro testing to be used in regulatory/safety testing and in compound discovery and developmental processes. We also have a broad experience in ADME of active molecules for drug development working for more than 30 customers among Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic companies. One of our main interests lies in the applicability of current in vitro technologies to assess safety of nanobased-products. On this front we had played leading roles in past and present FP7 and H2020 initiatives such as NanoTher, SkinTreat, NANoREG and NANoREG II projects. At the national level GAIKER is working in close collaboration with the Basque Government agency NanoBasque, which deals with the implementation of nanotechnologies into local industry. On this front we are the leaders of the EHS Advance project (www.ehsadvance.es). GAIKER works also in close collaboration with the local Occupational Health and Safety agency OSALAN through the project Invinanotool, where we are developing a novel tool to assess the hazard potential of inhaled nanomaterials commonly used in local industry.

Likewise, GAIKER is a member of the IVTIP (European in vitro testing industrial platform) and is also an active member of the NanoSafety Cluster and the European Technology Platform for NanoMedicine. developing. All technical activities are performed under the following quality systems: GLPs (BPLI/0010/003), ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

GAIKER cell culture facilities are a member of the EURL-ECVAM group of laboratories, performing validation of novel in vitro technologies within the European Union.
GAIKER ́s contribution to caLIBRAte will include the use and further development of our on-going hazard tool developed locally for OSALAN as well as our collection of toxicological data from previous initiatives. Our contributions, therefore, fall into WP2, WP4, WP5 and WP8