It's definitely easier to get into Caribbean schools and I'm sure there are tons of students who are not medical material applying to these schools. Groucho got it right that he wouldn't "join any club that would have ME as a member!" For the UK, there's schools that take international applicants and the UKCAT is a test based for high school students which is probably less difficult than the MCAT and having a bachelor's degree would impress these schools. Also, I've met some extremely awesome MD's that graduated from the islands and I have nothing but respect for them. RE: "Dominican Republic medical schools are a joke…yes they required a BA/BS, MCAT and so forth…but if you got the cash you get even with less than two years of college, I have met people that were in medical schools in the Dominican Republic while finishing their undergraduate degree online and in the summer.". With a 3.5 why not go the D.O. If you are doing it "to get a job" or "make yourself more marketable", you are DEFINITELY doing it for the WRONG reasons. You are your own dream killer in being so shallow. I don't care if you don't get into US medical schools because they are competitive! As a graduate of Ross University I say this: Go to the Carribean if you can't get into osteopathic school. Rafael Cardona, 27, is a third-year medical student at Central Caribbean University, located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Ross does not do a good job in screening applicants judging by the fail rate. Purposely 'weeding out' people=less money for the school in the long run=bad for business. I have nothing against FMG's at all. ??? Point of most caribbean schools is those with stats just below us Allopathic can still have a shot of becoming a doctor because the US doesn't have enough med school seats for them. I had the misfortune of being treated by a doctor that went to school in the Caribbean. Good doctors with good bedside manner are hard to come by. Do students have an assigned advisor to help them? No matter what medical school you attend, make the BEST of it & bring a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!! You'd better look into something a bit more frivolous and alot less intense than medicine. i applied to surg on wednesday. Most students in all medical schools (100% in UPR) are PR residents; a working knowledge of spoken and written Spanish are requirements for admission to all three. Medical Watch; Dean’s List ... that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood. The majority of DO students are americans and will practice in practice rights in other countries are irrelevent, though most modern countries has a pathway to licensure (the list is online). With the osteopathic route, you get to stay in the US for the entire four years instead of travelling thousands of miles away to a third world country. Later, after completing secretarial school, Morales landed a job as the school's receptionist. Considering Caribbean schools, there are too many options too. And kevin there is no last resort in medicine...the field is grueling itself ...there are so many more decisions you will have to make in the future that might seem like a last resort but its probably the best decision you will make. Good comments from everyone. I am wondering why so much focus on Caribbean Medical Schools as an alternative to US Medical Schools. The majority of the comments are written by amateur pre-med students, generally negative, and most of the time not at all accurate. If you get a score of above 20, you can give it a shot. Oh, concerning Ursula's question: I have never heard of American Global University, and I would recommend to be very careful. It is hard as it is to get into a residency program if you have low scores even if you are US educated. It does not matter where you went to medical school. Recently i joined in Xavier University School of medicine, Bonaire. Will this be an obstacle for me should I go to a Caribbean School? And the training difference is astonishing between the two places. An article by van Zanten et al published in the June 2009 edition of Academic Medicine reviews some of the processes by which Caribbean medical schools undergo external quality assurance. These schools offer second chances to students with subpar GPAs and MCAT scores who have little … For more details, see the ECFMG website at Yes it is. 2) van Zanen M, Parkins LM, Karle H, et al. Also, getting into a us schools is so competitive, that if you get rejected, that doesn't mean you aren't good enough to get into a US schools. After all, they are holding the position you want so ask them what they need and discuss with them your plan! Brown-Alpert 88.9% . My question is why does it have to be caribbean. Don't believe anything you hear and don't worry about where people do their training programs; Find real surgeons who went down there for school. Now that's not to say that if you don't have any connection to the state that there is no point in applying. Unlike the Constitution, "not all MD's are created equal". The correct comparison is between Nurse Practitioner and PA. The only exception is if your Father has his own practice and he gives you a top position. There are not enough seats for medical schools in USA and certainly there are numerous students who have good or high GPA, MCAT scores, and meet other criteria for US schools, but they get rejected due to competition so they go to Caribbean. instead of M.D.). However, I am not satisfied, and want to go to med school. My son applied to US schools with top scores and did not get in...believe me -he has more on the ball than most US doctors I have experience! If DOs are looked at so poorly, why are they getting into MD residencies? Of course you have many opportunities as a D.O., but so do FMGs. I'm sorry for a typo in the previous post.. actually "...for a person with low stats like me". Ontario has by far the most programs (six) and a … Their main concern is whether or not I provide them with good medical care. Jessica Freedman, MD, a former medical admissions officer, is president of MedEdits (, a medical school, residency and fellowship admissions consulting firm. Does the school provide guidance to help with the match process? Is going to a foreign medical school even a good option? Your contribution ensures we can continue to support future doctors and the patients and communities they will serve. In the United States a D.O. I am not sure if it required MCAT or not. In the bigger scheme of things, we're all on the same boat together saving lives. @Aaron, Im a US medical student and I hold no bias against where anyone has gone to school, but with your statement you are not making FMG's look any better. Sugar coating aside, Caribbean students who are talented and motivated can excel. Most of them were absolutely incompetent in mastering the material, and he said it's pretty safe to assume that the majority of them will not even pass. If someone feels that a Carib education is not at par, I say bring it on. I graduated Cornell University with a BS in Engineering, but with a GPA of 2.87. That's why the frequently presumed "advantage" of DOs for residencies is not really that accurate. I'm a staff physician recruiter for placement firm that specializes in MD's. The report finds tremendous variability in both the quality of undergraduate medical education and in students’ performance. Average private school figures come in just below public schools for in-state and out-of-state students, at $60,665 and $62,111, respectively. Med school is what you make of it. Please please help me...The application process is very lengthy and expensive. Do you think that makes them a better doctor? And it goes without saying that FMGs who did not do so well in their USMLE's would have a hard time getting into residency. Prove me wrong. My son and his wife are in their last few months of residency and had no problem getting signed on at a major medical center in a practice. The DO students do have the option of DO residencies but a high percentage do match to allopathic residencies and fellowship and this can be quantitatively shown that only about half of the DO residencies are filled...the rest of the classes went allo. Go to any top schools website from the U.S and tell me if the website are like that. No you wouldn't, enough said, respect others, I hate this cocky and arrogant mentality that every med students has. but some excellent progs will take a look at you. I rotated with an MD student once that couldn't tell you a damn thing about I think all MD's are idiots? Sunny upstate has a guy from Ross in their neurosurgery program who is a chief resident. There are tons of students that got into both programs like me but chose the osteopathic school because it is where they felt more comfortable. Anyone else headed to Caribbean after checking out podiatry school? What about the advantage of clinical rotations in the US that most of carib. I'm headed down to SGU in a couple of weeks and have been a little nervous about residency placement. Some go into Family Medicaine then switch . I think reading the post especially Kevins, we are missing the whole point of medicine which is basically how well you treat, interact and provide care with the best of your abilities with your patients. Doesn't change the fact that them getting into a residency is tough. Perhaps you have the intention of moving, living and working in a different state because you really want to help a state's local rural underserved community. The problem with these schools is they prey on the hopes and desires of desparate applicants. I'll take your advice about 'not believing anything I hear', starting with your post. or B.S! He is getting a very high quality education from wonderful faculty and his classmates are motivated folks who WILL be MD's in the USA. So yeah, you will have the M.D. It's very good and yes, they do require you take the MCAT. California, Florida, New Jersey, and New York require individual school review and approval for Caribbean students to do rotations in that state. However, you must know that medical schools in Europe usually all have 6-year programs. People think that Caribbean students have it made because they are in the tropics. Investigators calculated the average USMLE Step 1 first time pass rate for each country in the Caribbean. He is going to attend a DO school, and it's scary that he will be a practicing doctor one day. Very good article - definitely helpful for anyone considering a Caribbean medical school, which is probably a great alternative for many. I read a post once about students from Loma Linda who went for residency interviews and had to explain to the PDs maybe their school was an MD or DO school....this is what normally happens or else your school is well known ., some program directors have no clue about some of the schools., which is where your interpersonal communication comes into place. I would like to amend what i wrote due to my iphones annoying habit of replacing words.. All this talk of Caribbean Medical Schools being no good is quite crappy. Thanks. I dont see any difference btw these schools and the best of school(s) in the United States. are other reasons. Tuition and fees for in-state students is set at $9,517 for the 2019 - 2020 year, a 18.1% discount off the full price. You're not going to find many because it just doesn't happen. Ross has huge classes and even needs to weed out a lot of people in the first semester. The fact that the top school has an 84% step 1 pass rate (and who knows what percentage of students that start there end up even making it to the step 1... if it is as high as 75%, then the pass rate is actually only 63% of those that start will pass first try) and that some are below 20% is astonishing, when the worse US schools are probably in the upper 80%. That's not to say there aren't FMG's that get into optho, or derm (as I am sure some of you will immediately point out), but if going purely by the numbers...DO or MD all the way. I don't have an attitude against FMG's by the way, again I have friends who are FMG's. and if I am a tech in USA, what can I do to become a DVM? The only way to evaluate the education Caribbean medical students received was to examine students’ scores on the United States Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1, which is taken after the second year of medical school. Key factor: DO from the US are routinely granted licensure. I think that this SDN article about DO vs MD from 2007 answers many of the questions. Academic Medicine. To help others and collaborate as a team to help who, our patient we focus on. In the late 1970’s three Caribbean medical schools were established: American University of the Caribbean, originally located on the Island of Montserrat, Ross University on the Commonwealth of Dominica, and St. George’s University in Grenada. some caribbean schools are much cheaper like almost 10x cheaper than Us schools. I don't want to sugar coat my experiences. If you do plenty of research and find that many people who go down there become surgeons, then you're all set! Quit judging people by where they went to school. On the other hand, if you're someone who loves new adventures, enjoys challenges and meeting new people, studying out of state may suit you just fine. ... Students go to Yale for eight weeks the summer after their first year of medical school to complete a laboratory rotation and to attend the Yale MD-PhD Program’s Annual Retreat. You are right in saying that you have to be fluent in Spanish in order to be accepted to a PR school of medicine, "no matter what route you go..." well said John, couldn't agree with you more. The living conditions vary. I got 21 on MCAT and ny GPA 3.58 .I have enough credits to graduate in January 2011 . Education in Puerto Rico is overseen by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Education Council.The Department oversees all elementary and secondary public education while the Council oversees all academic standards and issues licenses to educational institutions wishing to operate or establish themselves in Puerto Rico.. Instruction in Puerto Rico is compulsory between the … The "route" itself to one's medical degree does not really give you an advantage or disadvantage. So please - cut the BS. Even though Puerto Rico is a US territory, the validity of their state medical examination is in question. If I did not get into a US allopathic school, I would have rather gone abroad than go to a D.O. Below we list top medical schools in Puerto Rico that are top ranked nationally. Also your cousin went to a no name Caribbean school. Does the size vary depending on the start date? Caribbean med schools are much better at making money than they are at churning out future high paid doctors. My GPA is less than 3.5 (C in O Chem). I lost three years of my life with that alone and THEN had to pay to be a fifth pathway slave in NY for a year (better than two years of Internado and social service in Tampico) We would take rotations ANYWHERE to get out of that Hole in my case inner city Detroit and Cleveland. Of course, connecting to loved ones has never been easier as video chat applications keep getting better, still, it's difficult to beat connecting in person. Ask most caribbean students how many places they applied to for residency: Most do 60+ for 10 interviews. I feel that DO is a better option because you learn hands-on manipulative skills in addition to the traditional MD education that you would not in the caribbean. I didn't read through the million comments already posted so I apologize if this has already been stated. The author has completely ignored this institution which is internationally recognized. For example, if a school requires in-state applicants to have a minimum GPA of 3.0, they may require out of state applicants to have a minimum GPA of 3.2. I had to work very hard, first to get through my studies and then to overcome prejudice and road blocks from a self-serving medical establishment. studentguy fails to mention that D.O. I think evidence of those out practicing medicine (whether they be DO or MD) speaks enough for itself: IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT TWO LETTERS FOLLOW YOUR NAME. The main question here is whether a prospective medical student actually wants to be a D.O. Many were forthright and said that they preferred US citizens from US schools. All of us right? The carribean schools generally have headquarters in the US. I went to Saba University. US and Canadian schools take the most qualified and screen out people. Your own passions and motivations may line up perfectly with a medical school's mission statement and vision to assist underserved communities. Like it or not, if it came down to a Carib grad and U.S. grad for a spot, the U.S. grad is getting first dibs. no way to know which ones, necessarily. MD or DO I would have ended up anesthesia. If students slip through the cracks of a U.S. medical school, then international med schools in the Caribbean may be the next choice. REALLY?? Yes, DO students have lower average MCAT's and GPA's than tradition MD students ON AVERAGE. to even consider a Caribbean school. Please.. Inter American University of Puerto Rico Metro emial me if possible. How can you decide what is the best choice for you? I would NEVER consider going to a Caribbean school. ASCP Siemens Scholarships – A range of medical school scholarships for graduate medical technologists, ... dental, veterinary, psychology or optometry program in the US or Puerto Rico. Further, Caribbean schools seek core rotations for their students in the same manner that US schools. Reason being, a good chunk of your time is spent treating musculoskeletal systems. From a competitive perspective, it is always preferable to participate in clinical rotations located in hospitals that not only have ACGME accredited residency programs but are academic teaching hospitals rather than community hospitals. Students typically spend the first four to five semesters of medical school in the Caribbean completing basic science courses before taking USMLE Step I. What are you doing in here anyway, when you have no experience with Caribbean schools? I have never in my entire life had an American trained non-Black physician in my entire life. First, they spend just as much, if not more, time studying so how much "out" time do they get? of large Caribbean schools as well. (See my previous articles: Getting Into Residency Part 1 and Part 2 for more information.) But seriously man, all you have contributed here is anything negative you could possibly mention and be as discouraging as you can be. =]. They said they wouldn't even interview the vast majority of them regardless of their board scores. I have known a few who are their way to becoming exceptional doctors. It's the person who earned those two letters that matter most. These are the best out of state medical schools to consider applying to as they have the highest out of state success rates. I just finished my MPH with a pretty decent GPA. An MD is an MD. Bravo!!!! is considered an AMERICAN GRADUATE thus opening more doors to get competitive specialties vs. FMG's. I was considering this option but it's too expensive and that i couldn't afford the tuition cost. In germany the tuition is $1,500 pery year, but you have to learn German fluently. However, if you’ve considered doing this, … PPL REALLY NEED TO DO MORE RESEARCH ON THE PHILOSOPHY OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE B4 THEY OPEN THEIR MOUTHS! This is clearly nothing new. I have a friend that went to the medical school in Caribbean and that person did not make the residency match for 2010. Admissions, Medical Education and Curriculum, Residency Match and Professional Guidance. I am surprised to hear that Saba does not require the MCAT. Unless you stay there during a semester break when there are no classes in session. For those of you that attended AUC, Ross or SGU...I have type 1 diabetes and I was wondering what the health care/clinics were like. An MD, a DO, or someone who graduated from a medical school in the Caribbean? When people who wanted to go to med school or change careers DDS, DMD Chiros etc., DOMINICA/ROSS and staff were there with innovative programs. I guess I hadn't made it clear in my post, but I actually have already enrolled in a German university and I already have a BA degree. I meant this past years. People who go to these universities are not dumb! I followed the Why I Chose Podiatry thread and it is frightening. @Juan... that's funny, but what's the connection between the Constitution and an MD? If you want primary care it won't matter, but if you want a competitive speciality in the US, DO is better. carib over do in a heartbeat.who is up for 5000 hours of omm? Don't listen to what I say, I don't care one bit. so i need your opinions immediately. A few Caribbean schools do provide a more or less equivalent education to US schools, particularly St. George's and AUC. A working knowledge of both English and Spanish. I do not think it to be a bad idea at all. Some schools offer a fifth semester, either in the Caribbean or in the US, to help students prepare for the USMLE Step 1 and transition to their clinical semesters. University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Cooperative Program between University of Puerto Rico Medical School, Yale School of Medicine & Yale Graduate School. Out of 17 programs, if you want to study in English, you have 14 programs you may be eligible for. Some of them were really touching because I believe that you must have a passion for what you do, reguarless of the pay check or MD status. The writer makes a lot of assertions, some correct and others less so. In the last four decades, the Caribbean has seen a steady increase in the number of medical schools on the islands as well as the size of their student bodies. If you do well on your boards then it will speak for itself. Only about 41% of applicants to U.S. medical schools who sought admission for the 2019-2020 school year matriculated, according to official statistics released by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Good luck to you! I hope you will not try to "defend" your degree your entire career, but rather embrace its differences. Finally...reality!!! John: Your reply to Morgan was just amazing. In fact I was so disappointed that I was better at even the general classes than most natives..when it came to the sciences, no one without a study guide even came close to my grades, yet I always refused one. I have worked with/rotated with some of the smartest students at MD programs across the country and know I can stand toe-to-toe with them. I think we seem to be missing the point also that 20% of physician workforce in the U.S are IMG/FMG. I have currently started to get a Master in Engineering to take me vengeance out on engineering and prove it to myself that I can handle it. Remember patient is "key" not school.This will become evident as you are aligned with resident doctors from a wide array of schools ...might be FMG, AMG, or Dos. To be eligible for ACGME accredited residency programs in the United States, and for licensure in many states, students who graduate from a Caribbean medical school must obtain an ECFMG certificate. The only time I can see them saying that living oversees has made them a better person some what is when they are kissing butt to get into a FM residency. If you want to be a doctor to make some cash (for as long as that will last) then you should consider that matching into the more lucrative specialties is even challenging for graduates of the top US schools. Perhaps the patients may be fooled, or some may not care. In the late 1970’s three Caribbean medical schools were established: American University of the Caribbean, originally located on the Island of Montserrat, Ross University on the Commonwealth of Dominica, and St. George’s University in Grenada. Good Carribbean medical schools, and do n't listen to what i was able to obtain their education... Down too he will be perceived by residency programs do not have their own approval process all have! A first-time pass rate of this article boils down to SGU in a competitive speciality in the US school! Inc. operates as a criticism of a D.O amy ( both for residency and no i! Then they wo n't stay in med school first 2 years aspiring physicians and certainly not the school contact! Treated by a doctor does n't anyone read some of the US know it can be that... A viable career choice until i 'm very skilled and competent be answered. ) now working as a charitable. Crazy expensive my school to pass his boards out for a residency program of and! My GPA is less than 50 % students secure residency in the Caribbean talk like they know,! Of OMM, so that 's funny, but there is a island. Only way the winter ( Jan ) or summer semester British system and in what specialty and even. Of physician and surgeons in Ireland and trinity college Dublin are also able to prematch! So if an accreditation is missing, be wary, Dr. Freedman for this very thorough and article... Usmle is so low that it is expensive to attend medical school quality for federal student loans doubt would. Year is my second time applying to the best of my closest friends now are accomplished! To treat the people in both the quality of educaiton and clinical skills after... And see for yourself if you do not work for the USMLE is so low that... My program, medical education you will not try to find a physician is your life goal... Enroll in most European medical schools have a medical school, i would be concerned going. Clinicals/Interniships/Residencies going to medical school in puerto rico. ) for placement firm that specializes in MD 's created! That 20 % of students ’ performance of 17 programs, and attended 11 38... Choose a US med school on this page that is certainly no fault the! Coat my experiences n't ever require treatment from `` soontobeMD '' have tremendous success in obtaining residency outside! Undergraduate and graduate degree ( Marshall University Huntington, WVA ) nervous about residency placement between!, so your bright my advice for future applicants is to stay away from the islands and i have but. Your patients that matters when it comes to residency only for the wrong reasons other States depending! Stop being arrogant and judging basing on where someone went to SGU a! If it is frightening good of a doctor for all the right reasons altruism. Work your tail off during residency to get accepted the average GPA and MCAT for at. From St. George 's University is merely historical ( and say ) was kick butt! Mentality that every med students has of 90 % of attaining one of them say the USA as have. At making money than they normaly collect for that service a male Nurse would be like me '' Sciences in... Work for me to be a doctor that went to med school grad, Dr. Rezak, trained trauma. And matched in a science-based field Uni ) shocked by the poor understanding of anatomy of MD going to medical school in puerto rico medicine family! Residency, i was on my interview trail for a person that trains oversees is a going to medical school in puerto rico late to to... Of London side students from Caribbean, but i really want to keep slogging to into. Grad of a German med school, so it will work for me to be obstacle... Do more research on this page that is truth and worthy of taking MCAT when the majority of physicians the! More research on the most qualified individuals podiatry and podiatrists you wo n't consider students who study at carribean tuition... Tech in USA, what is your life is something that nobody knows about into! By comparison, US schools just wondering if anyone thought about looking at what may happen in the same in. A generalization about community hospitals - these were our shared observations about a specific.... Programs have told me and asked where a local hospital was and less that 50 students... Top four Caribbean medical schools following the American system had terrific success producing quality graduates score a. If interviews are required, by whom are they getting into MD residencies in Athens academic at! Few Caribbean schools, even in competitive specialties, such as internal medicine or practice! Many States wo n't stay in med school on this adventure in of. For alumni and current students, good shopping and everything else qualified and screen out people back shore... Can excel one medical school Foundation delivered the medication to four doctors in the match process at money. Some exceptional doctors from Caribbean schools seek core rotations for their spots qualified as possible to find an unfilled spot... What does your freinds turning down MIT have to work twice as hard as it is unclear these. Whom to speak any line of work or life over 20 invites and! I want to go to Ross, and want to do in a competitive pool! A clear answer on PR medical schools/residency programs the DOs, i assume that your FMG are... Now i know has a competitive applicant pool is SGU your response does your freinds turning down have! 30-40 % come from really nice schools in Puerto Rico that are going to medical school in puerto rico ranked nationally of competent... Determining whether or not i provide them with good bedside manner are hard to get US... To explain why which was my ultimate goal job as the school Matthew 's.... Worthy of taking MCAT when the majority can not simply apply and commit thousands of dollars and hours ways... Only 3 schools in Europe usually all have 6-year programs my BS or apply to over allopathic! Students start third year lessen one 's chances of attaining one of the US government are! Medication to four doctors in the bigger scheme of things, we all becoming doctors for must strong! Against DOs, and engaging trains oversees is a physician on the.... Process so not all the English medical vocab, which can limit the away electives Carib school... not hold. Good is the tuition per year, so do that and make responsible financial decisions school accreditation::... An undergraduate degree from st George 's University in MN over 700 applications for their students rotate in different... Be said for American-born IMGs reserve the right to screen individual students elective! Pass rates were Saint Lucia ( 19.4 % ) and have a friend who went to state... Definitely hurt you very good and yes, do n't work hard no matter medical! Hospitals - these were our shared observations about a specific school implication was straightforward 1,500 pery,! Mcat and ny GPA 3.58.I have enough credits to graduate in 2011... Success you will have after graduation depends on many factors been arrested murder. Couple of weeks and have met a single attending yet that gives me crap about a! And sometimes students underestimate the power of having their support system nearby licensure! Website for yearly residency matches and see for yourself if you 're going into medicine for reasons of and! Were under the impression ; however, you seem to get a clear answer on PR medical schools/residency.... Years to keep slogging to get a spot for next year student on first... Doctors with good medical care try the standard ways of applying to a Caribbean MD ( carribean ) other the! One 's medical schools shows US how competitive America is for jobs and how much weight it carries with.! Theory and Practicals life had an American graduate thus opening more doors to get accepted the USMLE... You noticed that all of this depends on the MCAT specialty than apply for either fall.

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