Duke University

Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, USA, is a first tier research university. The Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) is headquartered at Duke. CEINT is the flagship Center for investigations of the potential impacts of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies on environmental systems, and is financed by the US National Science Foundation and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Work on the CaLIBRAte effort at Duke will focus on work packages (WPs) 6 and 3. On-going efforts at CEINT will be coordinated with the CaLIBRAte effort and choices of study topics and conditions will take into account potential for leveraging between the two efforts. Activities in WP3 will involve coorindating working on exposure modeling and evaluation of functional assays with the work on developing tools for risk management. Models for wastewater treatment, transport and transformations in surface waters, sediments and terrestrial environments will be linked. Activities in WP6 will include providing feedback on the value chains being developed in CaLIBRAte and sharing information developed in CEINT on value chains for CNTs and nanocellulose.