caLIBRAte conference: Advancing risk assessment for nanomaterials

The caLIBRAte project has developed a web-based nano-risk governance portal with safety guidance, a horizon scanning tool and different tested tools to perform occupational, consumer, and environmental risk assessment and management during innovation, production and use of nanomaterials and products containing nanomaterials. Stakeholders have been surveyed to define stakeholder requirements and understand stakeholders’ nanosafety concerns. Comprehensive work has been made to collect and evaluate existing characterization and toxicological test data on a larger suite of nanomaterials as well as human exposure scenarios. New data has been generated to test toxicological hypothesis and close data gaps to reach a comprehensive set of data to be used for model testing. The nano-risk governance portal is expected to be publicly available from September 2019.  The closing conference is relevant for researchers, industry, policy makers and regulators who are interested in nanosafety, risk governance as well as nanomaterial and product development. The meeting covers two days, including:

  • Day 1: Building Confidence in Risk Assessment and Governance of Nanomaterial Innovation – Introducing key advances in nanosafety knowledge, risk assessment, and the caLIBRAte Nano Risk-Governance portal
  • Day 2: caLIBRAte Nano-risk Governance Platform training day – Participants will have the opportunity for direct training for the portal as a whole and its integrated Risk Assessment tools.  The aim of this day is to enable participants to select and understand the Risk Assessment tools that suit their needs.

The meeting is free and interested participants can submit an expression of interest to attend. Formal registration will be confirmed once the full agenda is published.

CLICK HERE to submit an expression of interest.