caLIBRAte builds Korean partnerships

The caLIBRAte project presented itself within the 6th annual EU-Korea NanoWorkshop, hosted in Brussels on January 16.

A Korea delegation including the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Nanotechnology Centre presented updates on items including:

  • National Nanotechnology Initiative Programme of Korea
  • Activities from the Centre for Nanosafety Metrology
  • High throughput screening for toxicity using 3D cells
  • Predictability of mixture toxicity from engineered particles
  • Korean government plan for enhancing data driven materials research in Korea
  • Machine learning prediction prediction of electronic properties for double perovskites

The EU delegation, presented project outcomes and from caLIBRAte, collaboration potential around risk governance planning.  Discussions will continue directly and Korean partners are welcomed at any point to engage in caLIBRAte activities.