AIRI (Italian Association for Industrial Research) is a not for profit organization, representative of a national network of industries and public research institutions, with the mission to promote R&I. Amongst its associates are major R&I industrial players (several multinational), SMEs, regional technology clusters. The researchers of AIRI members represent about one third of those operating in the country. Due to this broad representative base, AIRI is a key opinion leader for decision-makers sustaining industrial research, responsible R&I (RRI) is at the forefront of its action.

AIRI is involved in several Working Groups dealing with nanotechnologies, key enabling technologies and RRI, such as those of Federchimica (Italian Federation of Chemical Industry), UNI TC for nanotech (the Italian body for standard mirroring ISO), the WG Nanomaterials of the Italian Workers Compensation Authority (INAIL).

In 2003 AIRI created AIRI/Nanotec IT. Its mission is to promote nanotechnologies and KETs acting as a bridge between industry and public research and fostering international cooperation. A great part of the Italian players, private and public, involved in this field are amongst its associates.

During its lifetime, AIRI has built a long experience in technology assessment, analysis of R&I activities and R&I policies, organization of scientific events and multi-stakeholders dialogues. Through its members and activities AIRI has an established a network of R&I players at national and international level.
AIRI is amongst the organizers of NanotechItaly, a large conference series involving key international players in nanotechnologies and KETs.

AIRI is a member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations (EARTO). Particularly active has been in the past 15 years the participation of AIRI to European Projects, sometimes as coordinator.

AIRI will participate in WP1,WP4, WP7, WP9.